Event Marquee Tent

Marquee tents are commonly classified as new party tents, new wedding tents, sporting events tents, emergency medical tents, and so on.

Our tent is made of industrial 6 series aluminum material, and the tarpaulin is made of PVC knife scraping coated synthetic fiber cloth. The quality of our products has passed ISO9001 certification.

Generally speaking, aluminum frame clear span tents are widely used in exhibitions, luxury weddings, and parties. Actually, some countries use tents as churches, and they are becoming more and more well-made and trustworthy.

In this case, the classic white tent and PVC transparent windows (called church windows) make the tent church look more realistic. Inside the tent, multiple air conditioners are placed. On the top of the tent, there are cloth drapes and chandeliers for decoration. Read more


Are you in desperate need of a temporary space to store your goods neatly arranged in a temporary warehouse without exposing them to bad weather? Now, there are no need for long waiting times to get in and expensive cargo management software costs. A full-size cargo storage marquee tent is the answer. Read more

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and those who love this sport, want to train or play on the court all the time. However, a simple and crude open-air basketball court will definitely affect your enthusiasm for playing.

Compared with professional basketball courts with wooden floors and complete supporting facilities, many outdoor basketball courts suffer from wind and rain every day. It not only seriously affects the life span of the basketball court, but also cannot increase the operating time, and cannot attract more basketball fans to the court, let alone undertake basketball competitions.

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The end of the year is the promotion period for various online merchants and even the busiest season of the year. For the rapidly increasing orders, logistics and warehousing have become a serious problem. Renting temporary warehouses to handle temporary shipments became the only way. Read more

Whenever there are large-scale outdoor activities, we can always see the figure of the banquet event tent. Banquet event tents with different shapes are applied to different activity scenes. So why is the banquet event tent favored by the organizers? Read more

The duration of the event is tight, and we can’t find a suitable venue to hold the event. What should we do?

The construction period is too long, which directly affects the project period and wastes funds. Therefore, the prefabricated tent structure appeared, which is suitable for temporary venues and perfectly makes up for the defects of traditional buildings. Read more

If you are planning a speech or business event, the venue will be the biggest concern. Besides, it is hard to customize the venue according to different types of events. Out of this aspect, you may try the event tent! Generally speaking, the event tent adopts the classic A-shaped frame design, provides sufficient internal space, and can accommodate hundreds of people. Read more

Are you planning a grand celebration or a music theme party that attracts young people? What are you going to do to get compliments from your friends? Read more

The general tent roof type is divided into dome tent, spike tent, spherical tent, conical tent, arc tent, polygon tent, and so on.

In addition to the beauty of the tent top shape, wind resistance is also an important consideration.

Countryside tents and desert tents need to consider different factors, countryside tents generally use herringbone tops, desert tents are more spiked or cone top, different tops can improve the wind resistance. Read more

If you are hosting a large exhibition event, make sure you contact a viable tent company, which is one of the cheapest ways to do it.

Professional tent companies will use high-strength steel to do the tent bracket, recyclable and environmentally friendly PVC tarpan, 3-10 days of construction speed, according to the demand to increase the tent accessories, 10*40 meters of large-scale exhibition marquee tent is done. Read more