Rental Of Temporary Warehouse Marquee And Offices

The end of the year is the promotion period for various online merchants and even the busiest season of the year. For the rapidly increasing orders, logistics and warehousing have become a serious problem. Renting temporary warehouses to handle temporary shipments became the only way.

The warehouse marquee tent is a prefabricated building.  Compared with ordinary warehouses, it has all the functions of ordinary warehouses.  And, it can be lengthened or reduced according to needs.  Respond to the warehouse demand in different seasons.

Set up a marquee tent in the planned area, a 1,000 square meter warehouse can be built in one day. There will be no waste of construction materials and it is very environmentally friendly. At present, the world-renowned Amazon, eBay, DHL, and other online merchants have multiple temporary warehouse tents in different regions.

Temporary office areas can also be set up inside the warehouse tents. The warehouse office can be realized by renting accessories such as desks and chairs, air conditioners, carpets, and glass partition walls. It is best to design the office renovation with the tent supplier when it is set up to achieve the best results.

The new style warehouse marquee has changed the mode of enterprise warehousing operations. effectively reducing warehousing operation costs, and making warehousing easier and more economical.