Event Marquee Tent

Marquee tents are commonly classified as new party tents, new wedding tents, sporting events tents, emergency medical tents, and so on.

Our tent is made of industrial 6 series aluminum material, and the tarpaulin is made of PVC knife scraping coated synthetic fiber cloth. The quality of our products has passed ISO9001 certification.

The development of the tipi can be traced back as far as the outdoor shelters of the Indians in the 18th century. Simple materials, quick to erect, and wind resistance are the reasons why most outdoor campers love the tipi. As consumers have become more capable, the demand for camping tents has increased. Liri-tent has launched a new range of tipi tents for use in scenarios ranging from camping, outdoor hotels, outdoor restaurants, exhibition halls, and more. Read more

The large marquee tent is a project to provide tent and tent supporting facilities and services for customers. Customers can choose the type, size, and style according to their needs. A large tent is mainly divided into three parts, frame, tent fabric, and supporting facilities. Read more

We know that when you are planning a large event or exhibition, the priority is a great venue and predictable costs. How to predict the number of people and venue specifications and save costs is comparable to the puzzle of economics. We recommend that you use a commercially used marquee tent from Marquee-Sale.

The 50x85m event marquee will give you the ideal space for your exhibition activities. 4,250 m² of exhibition tent has not a single pillar blocking the interior. A large number of ventilation and cooling devices are installed indoors and outdoors to provide guests with a comfortable visiting experience. Read more

Marquee-sale’s high church tents are ideal for alternative church buildings. We have sizes from 10m to 50m in stock for sale and can custom build to your size. It is modular in design, extends in spans of 3m or 5m, and can accommodate up to 1000 people. The church tent can exist as a semi-permanent structure. Read more

Having a wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in a lifetime, and the memories of the wedding will remain in the hearts of the couple and their loved ones for a long time. Nowadays, there are more and more forms of weddings, and one of the more fashionable ones is the use of wedding tents for outdoor weddings. Which wedding tents are widely acclaimed in use and can meet the couple’s good planning? Read more

With the development of production technology, the production process of aluminum alloy tents has become more and more refined. The overall structure of the marquee tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and double-sided coated PVC tarpaulin, which have the advantages of quick disassembly, flexible relocation, and convenient assembly and transportation. That aluminum alloy tent is suitable for use in what areas? Read more

The double decker tents are one of the frame tents that allow efficient use of area space. With clear spans from 10 to 60 meters and heights up to 10 meters, Marquee-Sale’s large double-frame tents are commonly used for sporting events, temporary offices, car shows, exhibitions, and other events. This structure uses high-strength aluminum brackets, windows, and doors, and can be custom sized to meet customer needs. The case is a 10x40m air film roof double decker tent, used as a temporary office for large machinery exhibition. Read more

The double decker tents provide double the space in a single area. Spans from 10 to 60 meters. Marquee-Sale double frame tents are used for equestrian events, Formula 1, tennis tournaments, and other sporting events. Aisles and viewing platforms are reserved in the design of the second level, which provides spectators and clients with better views and helps to overlook every corner of the entire arena.

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In this era, people are more active and have more ideas, with a variety of personalized and customized needs. In the past, the objective conditions were limited, and events such as weddings, product launches, and theme parties would be held indoors in a certain hotel. In recent years, with the improvement of industrial technology, clear roof marquee tents have come into being. Read more

Every year, car brands have new model launches, followed by city-to-city exhibitions and marketing campaigns in full swing. In line with the marketing ideas of the new cars, each event tent is presented with a dynamic design and stunning appearance.

This time, the big event tent designed for the new Mercedes-Benz model GLA series was recognized and appreciated by the event organizers. Two 20x85m A-top tents provided 3,500 square meters of space and could accommodate 1,000 people. The brand divided the interior into a launch area, exhibition area, relaxation area (bar), negotiation area, and second-floor space. The roof of the tent is covered with drapes and interlinked spotlights, giving a mysterious and energetic feeling.

The car exhibition event marquee tent fully reflects the flexibility and stability of the aluminum span structure. a top tent can be used for both car marketing and car exhibition, meeting the design requirements and space needs of brands for different events.