Outdoor Basketball Court Renovation Project

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, and those who love this sport, want to train or play on the court all the time. However, a simple and crude open-air basketball court will definitely affect your enthusiasm for playing.

Compared with professional basketball courts with wooden floors and complete supporting facilities, many outdoor basketball courts suffer from wind and rain every day. It not only seriously affects the life span of the basketball court, but also cannot increase the operating time, and cannot attract more basketball fans to the court, let alone undertake basketball competitions.



Durable and Inexpensive Outdoor Basketball Court Makeovers

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The basketball court marquee tent uses high-strength T6 aluminum as a frame, which can resist level 10-12 strong winds outdoor. The tent cover is the PVC material, which has good sun-proof, water-proof, and flame retardant properties, can be used for at least 10 years.

The clear span for the tent is from 3m to 60m, the height is from 3m to 10m, and the length could be increased infinitely by 5m. As you can see, there are no pillars inside the tent to block the vision, which is great for a basketball court that need a lot of space. Whether it is a 30*35m temporary basketball court in the city center or a 60*35m temporary tent in a small town sports field, it can be built in a few days.

In addition, we also customized a series of supporting facilities for the basketball court marquee tent, including stands, sports flooring, basketball stands, and advertising hangers. With these facilities, the cost can be greatly reduced, and make the basketball court marquee tent become a professional basketball court.

24/7 Basketball court

The combination of a large tent and a basketball court has created countless possibilities. Compared with the traditional fixed buildings, the shape of the tent structure is more abundant. In appearance, it has an A-shaped tent, cube structure, arcum roof, thermo roof., and many other shapes. The cost is lower, it could be installed faster, and the shape looks lighter and more flexible, which is in line with modern aesthetics.

The remake basketball court is protected from the wind and rain by the big tent. Lighting and ventilation systems can be installed on the tent roof, which can attract many players even at night, greatly extending the use time of the basketball court. If the wall is installed on the edge of the tent, it can be used all year.

basketball court marquee tent adopts a modular structure, which has a short installation period and could save storage and transportation space. Any rental requirement for the basketball court marquee tent, please free to let us know, we can provide you with a customized design and the best solution!