10x15m large transparent canopy maruqee tent for outdoor Sunshade

In theme parks, movie premieres, super malls, shading from the fierce sun and preventing sudden rainstorms are necessary, the use of large outdoor transparent canopy tents can be the perfect solution to this trouble, and the cost is low.

This clear span large frame canopy tent can be widely used as a temporary tent for events, celebrations, and festivals. Like pop-up tents, canopy tents do not waste any occupied space, much less damage the geology. The benefit is that it can be replaced with different roof shapes, such as printed shade cloth, white PVC fiber cloth, and transparent PVC curtain.


These are two large 10x15m transparent canopy tents with long tables and chairs inside. It is effective to block the sun at high temperatures, and the cloth is lowered to give the guests a temporary shelter when the wind is blowing. When the long tables and chairs are withdrawn, the canopy tent can be used for other purposes.

The large transparent canopy tent is the most suitable for temporary shelter purposes, the cost is cheap, and more and more venues are using it.

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