Clear Roof Marquee For Sale

In this era, people are more active and have more ideas, with a variety of personalized and customized needs. In the past, the objective conditions were limited, and events such as weddings, product launches, and theme parties would be held indoors in a certain hotel. In recent years, with the improvement of industrial technology, clear roof marquee tents have come into being.

This kind of marquee tent is from 3m to 80m, the top is clear top cloth, surrounded by a glass curtain wall, like a beautiful crystal palace. From the visual effect, the daytime view is transparent, with excellent lighting, a glance to the outside, will not feel depressed; night lighting small night lights, coupled with the exquisite interior of the reflection so that the clear roof marquee has more style, more eye-catching, the sense of atmosphere immediately pulled full.

Tent interior excluding the basic lighting fixtures, tables, and chairs, a variety of ornaments, but also equipped with air conditioning, flooring, and other supporting facilities to ensure that the indoor temperature is normal. There is no need for lighting during the day, saving a lot of electricity and energy consumption, which is environmentally friendly and controls operating costs.

In terms of safety, the clear top marquee adopts the fixing method of foundation stone pressure weight, which achieves zero damage to the ground. Moreover, the easy speed of erection and short construction period make it ideal for long and short-term outdoor activities.

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