aluminum frame tents

Currently, frame tents have been used in industries with high industrial demand. It not only helps them to save resources and reduce costs but also effectively protects the environment and reduces pollution. Among them, aluminum frame tents are highly valued and reused by the industry. There are several specific reasons for this. Read more

The large marquee tent is a project to provide tent and tent supporting facilities and services for customers. Customers can choose the type, size, and style according to their needs. A large tent is mainly divided into three parts, frame, tent fabric, and supporting facilities. Read more

We know that when you are planning a large event or exhibition, the priority is a great venue and predictable costs. How to predict the number of people and venue specifications and save costs is comparable to the puzzle of economics. We recommend that you use a commercially used marquee tent from Marquee-Sale.

The 50x85m event marquee will give you the ideal space for your exhibition activities. 4,250 m² of exhibition tent has not a single pillar blocking the interior. A large number of ventilation and cooling devices are installed indoors and outdoors to provide guests with a comfortable visiting experience. Read more

Marquee-sale’s high church tents are ideal for alternative church buildings. We have sizes from 10m to 50m in stock for sale and can custom build to your size. It is modular in design, extends in spans of 3m or 5m, and can accommodate up to 1000 people. The church tent can exist as a semi-permanent structure. Read more

If you want to install a temporary shelter tent for sports activities or competitions in an efficient, flexible, and economical way, then our large sports tents are ideal for you.

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The open space on the square was transformed overnight into an exhibition canopy tent for car exhibitions and sales, providing temporary storage and exhibition space. The normally empty site is suitable for use as a temporary venue for large exhibitions. In order to protect customers and vehicles from the harsh sun, these quick-to erect tall clear span frame tents play a key role. Read more

Every year, car brands introduce new models, and with them come exhibitions and marketing campaigns across the country. However, there are not all cities that can provide a wide space for test drives or vehicle displays. In this case, car show tents are the perfect temporary venue solution for car brands.

The car show marquee can be used as a temporary frame space for vehicle parking, hospitality office, and staff office. It has perfect temporary space and abundant tent accessories that completely meet the multiple needs of brands for car showrooms. Read more


Even though the spread of the epidemic is still quite serious, people’s daily life, parties, weddings, and celebrations are inevitable. Therefore, we recommend installing temporary marquee tents for security checks at the entrances of fixed places to provide temporary space for inspection and quarantine of people and vehicles coming and going.

Unlike the official large tent, the temporary tent for security screening only needs an “aisle” of space to be installed. Security personnel and incoming and outgoing personnel, vehicles in the tent to test body temperature, show relevant documents, cargo inspection related work. It is also the best “place” for sun protection, rain protection, and temporary barriers. Read more

passageway tent is also called corridor tent, walkway tent, tunnel tent, and so on. It is used in an extremely wide range of applications, such as transportation aisles, inspection aisles, waiting for aisles, queuing aisles, etc. It is the blank space between points to provide a comfortable environment for goods, people, and vehicles to pass through. Read more

Renting or buying a warehouse tent is a quick solution to the lack of temporary storage space.