Large storage marquees are a premium customer for crating terminals, logistics companies, and temporary showrooms.

Big tents are not only used for large events but also can be used for warehouse storage of goods.

Large-area, anti-UV, rain-proof and well-equipped industrial warehouses are difficult to find and expensive to hire. Read more

There are many wedding planning companies now. Once the wedding process is determined, the event venue and wedding banquet building may be the first priority. Read more

Do you want to build temporary space outdoors? Suitable for different activity scenes, as an extension of the space outside the residence, this is the frame marquee. Unlike small tents, frame marquees are temporary spaces supported by high-strength pillars. The pillars and bases can withstand strong winds of force ten and have a service life of at least 10 years.

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The white marquee tent has a spacious interior space without any internal support pillars, which can offer nearly 100% used space. The strong steel structure and weighted bases need special reinforcement in the case of the whole gale. In short-term construction or temporary activities, the use of these large tents is very cost-effective. Read more

Classic wedding marquee tents usually use white as the main color, tent pillars, tarpajamas, curtains, tables, and stools are almost all white, some people will use pearl white, said the wedding is pure white clean, noble and grand.
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The luxury villa includes not only a swimming pool but also a luxurious party tent, which depends on the expertise of the tent provider. Read more

Newly released car models to achieve multi-place tour exhibition publicity, all-round display of appearance, performance, the function of the site, at this time, a can be moved many times, quick installation and disassembly, fully express the brand temperament of the car, is obviously very important. Read more

Breakthrough 5M high marquee tent structure, must use high strength aluminum alloy to enhance the security of the structure, not only beautiful appearance, high strength, and its own light. Read more

Usually, In some economically active areas, there are a lot of important conferences such as wealth forums, industry conferences, and exhibition conferences held every year. Due to the urgent construction time, the large scale of the conference, the number of participants, and the high requirements of safety coefficient, the event organizers generally choose the old and reliable marquee tents suppliers.

The exhibition hall, which can accommodate 5000 people, is required to be built within 10 days. Only established and reliable marquee tents suppliers can do the work, and it is one of the most cost-effective methods. Read more