Many people have the idea that many huge, sturdy buildings are concrete buildings, when in fact they are large event tents. The common belief is that these are simply reinforced versions of shade tents. However, this is hardly an analogy. Read more


Even though the spread of the epidemic is still quite serious, people’s daily life, parties, weddings, and celebrations are inevitable. Therefore, we recommend installing temporary marquee tents for security checks at the entrances of fixed places to provide temporary space for inspection and quarantine of people and vehicles coming and going.

Unlike the official large tent, the temporary tent for security screening only needs an “aisle” of space to be installed. Security personnel and incoming and outgoing personnel, vehicles in the tent to test body temperature, show relevant documents, cargo inspection related work. It is also the best “place” for sun protection, rain protection, and temporary barriers. Read more

Seasonal goods pile up, how to deal with a large number of piles of goods warehouse? How to build a temporary refrigerated warehouse in a residential area? Basically, temporary warehouse tents can solve all temporary storage space problems. So, How do Rent Temporary Storage Tents Quickly? Read more

passageway tent is also called corridor tent, walkway tent, tunnel tent, and so on. It is used in an extremely wide range of applications, such as transportation aisles, inspection aisles, waiting for aisles, queuing aisles, etc. It is the blank space between points to provide a comfortable environment for goods, people, and vehicles to pass through. Read more


Are you in desperate need of a temporary space to store your goods neatly arranged in a temporary warehouse without exposing them to bad weather? Now, there are no need for long waiting times to get in and expensive cargo management software costs. A full-size cargo storage marquee tent is the answer. Read more

Renting or buying a warehouse tent is a quick solution to the lack of temporary storage space.

Large storage marquees are a premium customer for crating terminals, logistics companies, and temporary showrooms.