Are you looking for a transparent dome house for your meeting and party needs, but don’t know where to look? Looking for the ideal transparent dome house and other details according to your ideas? What noble transparent dome houses are available and what types of dome houses will bring you pride of place?

Rooted in your idea of use and needs, you need to consider various aspects when renting or buying a dome house. This article will discuss the various things that need to be considered. The transparent dome house you rent or buy is the one that fits your needs and gives you a sense of pride.

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Transparent House Wedding Tent

Luxury Stage Wedding Tent

You must have checked out many articles and videos – ‘How to plan a perfect wedding’, ‘A guide to weddings from minimalist to luxurious’. However, planning a wedding will certainly involve a lot of detail work. Ordering equipment, hiring furniture, purchasing decorations, etc. A 20-page action plan may not be enough. Read more

canopy tent rental

Marquee-sale will give you the best options for renting a tent. Any advice on renting an exhibition tent? Whether it’s a merchandise fair, expo, or even a holiday show, choosing the right exhibition canopy is critical. Choosing the right canopy can increase the effect of the event, otherwise, it will affect the effect of the event exhibition. So the exhibition pre-planning is very important. Read more

Seasonal goods pile up, how to deal with a large number of piles of goods warehouse? How to build a temporary refrigerated warehouse in a residential area? Basically, temporary warehouse tents can solve all temporary storage space problems. So, How do Rent Temporary Storage Tents Quickly? Read more



Many people don’t know that large tents can be rented, and they can also be customized for rent. Large tents are modularly installed buildings. Each component can be produced in the factory in advance and assembled in sections after arriving on site. This means that large tents can be rented functionally.

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When you have unexpected events and demand temporary space, choosing to rent or buy a large tent is one of the most cost-effective solutions. Considering the cost of use, most people will consider accurately calculating the size of the tent and will work hard for this, but in fact, it does not need to be the case. Read more

We understand that when you are preparing for an event, party, or wedding, hope that a professional tent company will solve all the problems of temporary space for you. Because this can save you a lot of time, trouble and money. Read more

It is very romantic to hold a wedding on a sunny day and say your vows for life in a warm atmosphere. Read more

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The pearl white tarp glows brightly in the sunlight. From a distance, you will fall in love with this pure white tent.

The width of the tent is from 5 meters to 80 meters, and the length span can be extended infinitely. The standard height is 3 meters, with special customization within 8 meters. There are no extra load-bearing poles inside the tent, and the space is super practical. Read more