Framed Marquee For Sale

Do you want to build temporary space outdoors? Suitable for different activity scenes, as an extension of the space outside the residence, this is the frame marquee. Unlike small tents, frame marquees are temporary spaces supported by high-strength pillars. The pillars and bases can withstand strong winds of force ten and have a service life of at least 10 years.

Advantages of frame marquee

The frame marquee uses modular installation, and each module is a high-strength aluminum structure. With a distance of 5 meters, each module can be quickly installed and disassembled, just add or cut the corresponding PVC cover. These modules are interchangeable. We provide solutions for tent design and installation.

Inside the tent, there are no upright blocking the view, no central poles or ropes, which maximizes the space. 100% of the available space is unmatched by fixed buildings. More freedom and creativity in the design of space, excellent decoration design can highlight thematic activities. We provide interior space design and decoration services.

Accessories for frame marquee

The cover can choose semi-transparent, fully transparent, PVC cover with publicity LOGO and different colors. It can be used for concerts, parties, weddings, and exhibitions. Our canopy fabric has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, high light transmittance, and low cost.

The frame marquee is not an independent space, it can be equipped with important facilities such as a ventilation system, lighting system, and power system. With household items or office furniture, this is a new space.