What Is Modular Glamping Box?

In recent years, with the continuous development of assembled buildings, the requirements of various industries for tents are also sufficient to gradually improve. Simple tents and low-quality tents flooded the whole market, and everyone gradually appeared aesthetic fatigue. Li Ri construction listen to the customer demand, combined with the project characteristics, the engineer’s continuous research and development, continuous innovation, and finally designed a variety of different canopies.

Modular glamping box

Modular glamping box is a prefabricated structure product developed by LIRI for outdoor mobile hotel accommodation. The overall structure is composed of an aluminum alloy frame and PVC Fabric. With its fashionable and simple shape, it is deeply loved by customers.

In order to extend the scope of application of the product, LIRI redesigned the product, from the previous single connection to the current free connection, which not only expands the internal space but also makes it look like a strong three-dimensional BOX. The double-layer hollow design not only looks more high-end, and the internal floor height has been increased, making it more flexible and unlimited in the use of space. The transparent glass wall has a great lighting effect. If you want to protect privacy, you can also replace it with coated glass. You can choose brown, blue, dark gray, etc.


In terms of appearance, the surface of the modular glamping tent can be printed in different colors. Customers can customize the fabric and icons according to their needs to achieve the same marketing effect as from different. The neat and tidy pattern is even a shocking effect.

Modular glamping tents are suitable for use in showrooms, retail stores, receptions, etc. In the case of serious homogenization of tent products, modular camping tent has a unique appearance and can give people a bright feeling.

Liri Tents has been committed to providing added value to campgrounds and natural attractions. Integrating people and nature to create an integrated outdoor living experience area.