Do you love basketball? Do you want to play basketball at 4 am in the morning? If so, there is a way, just build a Basketball Venue Tent near your home, that will make it possible. Read more

Most car brand conferences and large wedding banquets choose to use a transparent top tent because it is very shocking in terms of video effects. Clearspan 10m, 20m, 30m, or even 50m clear marquee look very spectacular. Read more

The tent is well known in public which is used outdoor normally, but few people know about the big tent. How big is it?  For instance, the width from 10 to 30m, and the length can be 100m, sometimes you can see double deck or even triple deck tents. It is available to put AC, tables, and chairs in the tent for large events or exhibitions as a temporary structure. A marquee tent with good quality can be used for 20 years.
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Our large clear marquee tents fully consider the actual needs of customers. It can be equipped with many practical accessories to enhance the functions and uses of the tent, such as PVC windows, clear PVC roof covers, glass doors, glass walls, air conditioning systems, etc. After adding accessories, the tent can greatly enhance the user experience. Read more

What details should be paid attention to when renting a 10m*30m event marquee?
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Are you planning a grand celebration or a music theme party that attracts young people? What are you going to do to get compliments from your friends? Read more

Are you still thinking about all the details of wedding planning? Just find a good wedding planner or tent rental company. Our experienced team has successfully held hundreds of large-scale weddings.

The large tent has a spacious interior space without any internal support pillars, which can offer nearly 100% used space. The strong steel structure and weighted bases need special reinforcement in the case of the whole gale. In short-term construction or temporary activities, the use of these large tents is very cost-effective.

No matter event marquee or party marquee, the most impressive part is the specifically designed PVC fabric cover and printed with LOGO or family name PVC fabric cover.

Please find the best area for installing before purchasing an event marquee.
1. When on the grass, try to find the place where the grass doesn’t collect rain. Read more