Who will need marquee tent

The tent is well known in public which is used outdoor normally, but few people know about the big tent. How big is it?  For instance, the width from 10 to 30m, and the length can be 100m, sometimes you can see double deck or even triple deck tents. It is available to put AC, tables, and chairs in the tent for large events or exhibitions as a temporary structure. A marquee tent with good quality can be used for 20 years.

We normally set up such big temporary space in one week which is efficient. What is more, there are no columns inside of the tent. The large exhibition, Auto expo, gourmet party, music party, and many others all can behold in a large tent.

For some small party, concert or wedding which are suitable for small marquee tent. It is quite fast to set up on flat ground like grass for convenience. Customers also can choose to hire small tents to control the costs. Small tents are also popular because of their convenience and efficiency.

No matter big exhibition tent or a small wedding party tent, 100% temporary space can be used with different accessories for different functions. Accessories of tents can be chosen for different purposes like meeting rooms, a sales center, a temporary office, etc.