Four Professional Suggestions On How To Plan Small Events

What details should be paid attention to when renting a 10m*30m event marquee?

First of all, you need to have a site for placing the event marquee. Usually, the marquee used for banquets will be set up on the grass. A beautiful environment and flat grass ground are the best choices.

Second, to find suppliers that can provide the tables, chairs, lighting, sound, and other facilities needed for the banquet. An excellent marquee rental company or event planning company will do all these for you;

Third, be sure to rehearsal the entire event process, no matter how small the event is. Remember to test the equipment, estimate the effect of the event, demonstrate the event process and what should be done after the event.

Fourth, if you have bought the marquee for your own, contact the workers to disassemble the tent for recycling. If the marquee is rented, contact the tent rental company to recycle it regularly