Classic wedding marquee tents usually use white as the main color, tent pillars, tarpajamas, curtains, tables, and stools are almost all white, some people will use pearl white, said the wedding is pure white clean, noble and grand.
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The luxury villa includes not only a swimming pool but also a luxurious party tent, which depends on the expertise of the tent provider. Read more

Newly released car models to achieve multi-place tour exhibition publicity, all-round display of appearance, performance, the function of the site, at this time, a can be moved many times, quick installation and disassembly, fully express the brand temperament of the car, is obviously very important. Read more

There is a very special kind of temporary building, which is the temporary warehouse tent.

A warehouse tent with a width of 10 meters and a length of 50 meters can usually provide more than 1,000 square meters of space. The ventilation and power facilities in the tent are not provided by any columns in the middle, which is difficult for many tent suppliers to provide. Read more

It is very romantic to hold a wedding on a sunny day and say your vows for life in a warm atmosphere. Read more

In the hot desert, even if the temperature is as high as 60 degrees Celsius during the day, people can still live there. Even if tall buildings cannot be built, desert tents can be put up for people, camels, and other animals to live in.

Set up a big tent in the desert, with tight square columns, UV-resistant tarps, and a wind-resistant base, you can gather people to run your business. Set up several big tents in the desert, you can form a small market and become a transportation hub for people nearby. Read more

Breakthrough 5M high marquee tent structure, must use high strength aluminum alloy to enhance the security of the structure, not only beautiful appearance, high strength, and its own light. Read more

The general tent roof type is divided into dome tent, spike tent, spherical tent, conical tent, arc tent, polygon tent, and so on.

In addition to the beauty of the tent top shape, wind resistance is also an important consideration.

Countryside tents and desert tents need to consider different factors, countryside tents generally use herringbone tops, desert tents are more spiked or cone top, different tops can improve the wind resistance. Read more

If you are hosting a large exhibition event, make sure you contact a viable tent company, which is one of the cheapest ways to do it.

Professional tent companies will use high-strength steel to do the tent bracket, recyclable and environmentally friendly PVC tarpan, 3-10 days of construction speed, according to the demand to increase the tent accessories, 10*40 meters of large-scale exhibition marquee tent is done. Read more

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The pearl white tarp glows brightly in the sunlight. From a distance, you will fall in love with this pure white tent.

The width of the tent is from 5 meters to 80 meters, and the length span can be extended infinitely. The standard height is 3 meters, with special customization within 8 meters. There are no extra load-bearing poles inside the tent, and the space is super practical. Read more