In theme parks, movie premieres, super malls, shading from the fierce sun and preventing sudden rainstorms are necessary, the use of large outdoor transparent canopy tents can be the perfect solution to this trouble, and the cost is low.

This clear span large frame canopy tent can be widely used as a temporary tent for events, celebrations, and festivals. Like pop-up tents, canopy tents do not waste any occupied space, much less damage the geology. The benefit is that it can be replaced with different roof shapes, such as printed shade cloth, white PVC fiber cloth, and transparent PVC curtain. Read more

Generally speaking, aluminum frame clear span tents are widely used in exhibitions, luxury weddings, and parties. Actually, some countries use tents as churches, and they are becoming more and more well-made and trustworthy.

In this case, the classic white tent and PVC transparent windows (called church windows) make the tent church look more realistic. Inside the tent, multiple air conditioners are placed. On the top of the tent, there are cloth drapes and chandeliers for decoration. Read more

Every year, car brands introduce new models, and with them come exhibitions and marketing campaigns across the country. However, there are not all cities that can provide a wide space for test drives or vehicle displays. In this case, car show tents are the perfect temporary venue solution for car brands.

The car show marquee can be used as a temporary frame space for vehicle parking, hospitality office, and staff office. It has perfect temporary space and abundant tent accessories that completely meet the multiple needs of brands for car showrooms. Read more