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Every year, car brands have new model launches, followed by city-to-city exhibitions and marketing campaigns in full swing. In line with the marketing ideas of the new cars, each event tent is presented with a dynamic design and stunning appearance.

This time, the big event tent designed for the new Mercedes-Benz model GLA series was recognized and appreciated by the event organizers. Two 20x85m A-top tents provided 3,500 square meters of space and could accommodate 1,000 people. The brand divided the interior into a launch area, exhibition area, relaxation area (bar), negotiation area, and second-floor space. The roof of the tent is covered with drapes and interlinked spotlights, giving a mysterious and energetic feeling.

The car exhibition event marquee tent fully reflects the flexibility and stability of the aluminum span structure. a top tent can be used for both car marketing and car exhibition, meeting the design requirements and space needs of brands for different events.

The open space on the square was transformed overnight into an exhibition canopy tent for car exhibitions and sales, providing temporary storage and exhibition space. The normally empty site is suitable for use as a temporary venue for large exhibitions. In order to protect customers and vehicles from the harsh sun, these quick-to erect tall clear span frame tents play a key role. Read more

Every year, car brands introduce new models, and with them come exhibitions and marketing campaigns across the country. However, there are not all cities that can provide a wide space for test drives or vehicle displays. In this case, car show tents are the perfect temporary venue solution for car brands.

The car show marquee can be used as a temporary frame space for vehicle parking, hospitality office, and staff office. It has perfect temporary space and abundant tent accessories that completely meet the multiple needs of brands for car showrooms. Read more

Newly released car models to achieve multi-place tour exhibition publicity, all-round display of appearance, performance, the function of the site, at this time, a can be moved many times, quick installation and disassembly, fully express the brand temperament of the car, is obviously very important. Read more