Marquee Tents For Outdoor Office

There is no need to select a particular location to build a large tent.

Even if it is undeveloped land, after several days of paving the ground, large tents can be built on it. As a temporary building, the tent can also be equipped with office accessories, such as hanging ventilation systems, chandeliers, and carpets, which can be decorated according to the requirements of the office space.

For example, after transformation, it becomes both a temporary exhibition center and a temporary office space.

Property developments tend to use large marquees as temporary office space. The reason for this is that a 1,000 square meter marquee takes only one week from erection to commissioning. When the temporary tent needs to be dismantled, just contact the canopy supplier for dismantling. A great time and cost-saving.

Even as a long-term office location, the high-strength aluminum alloy pillars of the tent can last as long as 20 years. There are no load-bearing pillars inside the tent, and the site is 100% used. Large tents have no special requirements for the construction site, such as sand, grass, or concrete.