Black Frame Tent

Black frame tent as a colorful frame tent is perfect for use as an exclusive tent for different types of exhibitions, parties, festivals, and weddings in hotels, camps, restaurants, etc. The whole structure is made of 6 series T6 aluminum alloy profile, which solves the problem of easy rusting. The aluminum material used includes black hardware accessories. It adopts baking paint technology, which is corrosion resistant and has very good durability. Its span is from 10m to 80m. The black tent is more diverse in design: herringbone, polygon, and air flat roof.

The black tent is surrounded by fully transparent glass walls and waterproof transparent PVC roof, with good lighting and a large 360° area without blind spots.

No special requirements for the construction site
No support column is needed inside the black tent, and it can be built on any open space, such as grass, asphalt, and concrete. And the new black tent building has the characteristics of heat preservation, wind resistance, rainproof, flexible disassembly and assembly, light storage and transportation, etc.

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