What colour is your marquee top?

Question: How to quickly identify your tent?

Answer: The color of the tent roof.

The frame of a large tent is the same, and what people quickly remember and distinguish is the color of the tent roof. The tent colors for weddings and parties are usually white and transparent. Custom brand LOGO or special pattern tent roofs are generally exhibitions or large-scale events.

White and transparent tent tops have many advantages, such as low cost, high transparent light rate, and fast temperature transmission. The transparent tent top can look up to the sky, and the effect is better at night. The wedding banquet is used more frequently. The white and transparent tent tops can be double-layered or cross-used. This can cope with the inconvenience caused by weather changes throughout the year.

When large-scale outdoor activities are promoted, the organizer will customize colorful advertising tents with brand LOGO or special patterns. The benefits are obvious. There is an opportunity to further increase the brand’s exposure rate and incorporate your brand colors and logos, images, and patterns into the tent design. Your potential customers have the first memory of your brand.

You can also create brand color features on the edges and background walls of the tent. Add more popular elements to your tent, create an atmosphere or convey brand messages.

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