Transparent Marquee Tent for Wedding Party

A private custom-made wedding tent offers a perfect outdoor wedding: protecting from being exposed to sun and rain, it combines the outdoor and the indoor into one to hug romance in a convenient way. It is flexible in both site selection and foundation, no matter it is a lawn or concrete ground.

Customized needs

We can design and produce customized tents according to clients’ special requirements, those with beautiful appearance and can also have independent makeup area, meal preparation area, welcome area, mobile toilet, etc.; and we can also provide roof lining, side curtain, lighting, air conditioning, floor, and other corresponding supporting facilities.

Moreover, the transparent tent is also available, where the night falls and the lights will show through and you can enjoy a dreamlike visual feast with the stars and fireworks above your head. The integration of nature allows you to fully embrace romance and wonderful scenery.

Wedding Transparent Marquee Tent Specifications

Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
9m2.6m4.24m3m100x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
8m2.6m4.05m3m00x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
6m2.6m3.71m3m00x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
5m2.6m3.52m3m00x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
10m2.6m4.76m3m00x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)
12m2.6m4.4m3m00x48x3.0mm (4 - channel)

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