Talk about the knowledge and skills needed to buy and rent a tent.

The large tent has a spacious interior space without any internal support pillars, which can offer nearly 100% used space. The strong steel structure and weighted bases need special reinforcement in the case of the whole gale. In short-term construction or temporary activities, the use of these large tents is very cost-effective.

No matter event marquee or party marquee, the most impressive part is the specifically designed PVC fabric cover and printed with LOGO or family name PVC fabric cover.

Please find the best area for installing before purchasing an event marquee.
1. When on the grass, try to find the place where the grass doesn’t collect rain. Read more

There is a very special kind of temporary building, which is the temporary warehouse tent.

A warehouse tent with a width of 10 meters and a length of 50 meters can usually provide more than 1,000 square meters of space. The ventilation and power facilities in the tent are not provided by any columns in the middle, which is difficult for many tent suppliers to provide. Read more

In the hot desert, even if the temperature is as high as 60 degrees Celsius during the day, people can still live there. Even if tall buildings cannot be built, desert tents can be put up for people, camels, and other animals to live in.

Set up a big tent in the desert, with tight square columns, UV-resistant tarps, and a wind-resistant base, you can gather people to run your business. Set up several big tents in the desert, you can form a small market and become a transportation hub for people nearby. Read more