Large Warehouse Marquee Tent

Mobile large warehouse tents allow for standardization, modularity, and common standards. It is suitable for industrial applications. It can be easily attached and quickly assembled in a short time.

The large warehouse tent offers the advantage of low cost and recyclability. It is generally used for up to 20 years and can be temporarily supplemented with various additional features such as warehouse raising, ventilation systems, snow and ice melting systems, etc.

Large warehouse marquee tent specifications

Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
5m4.2m5.05m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
7.5m4.2m5.46m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
10m4.2m5.84m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
12m4.2m6.16m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
15m5.2m7.6m5m256x121x5mm (4 - channel)
20m5.2m8.4m5m256x121x5mm (4 - channel)
25m5.2m9.2m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
30m5.2m10m5m350x120x5mm (4 - channel)

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