Hexagon Dome Tent

Hexadome tent is modular structures, which can be configured components, through additional accessories (such as wooden flooring, PVC door) to form personalized customization, but also multiple tents can be connected to form a more spacious space.

Entering the interior of a hexagon tent, the white wall deduces a unique space dome shape, creating a spacious and bright space. The open design around can perfectly display the interior effect from different angles.

Hexagon Dome Tent Dimensions

ModelWidth (side length)Length (diameter)Eave heightRidge heightFrame profile size
C-M6.26.2m6.2m2.15m3.75m∅60 x t3
H-M6.26.22m12.43m2.15m5.35m∅90 x t3
C-L8.28.2m8.2m2.5m4.95m∅90 x t3
H-L8.28.22m16.58m2.5m7.15m∅114 x t3

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