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Clear Span Wedding Tents for Sale

With the characteristic of security, reliable and high-end, Liri Tent 1000 Seaters 20x50m Wedding Party Tent With Lining Curtain can make you more flexible in the choice of location and scale as for temporary outdoor venues. The clear span size available from 3m to 60m which can adapt to and meet the scenario of any scale. 1000 Seaters 20x50m Wedding Party Tent With Lining Curtain use the transparent or white PVC fabric roof cover, the performance of the PVC fabric is good and soft, it is not easy to mildew and discoloration. It will not turn yellow or fade within five years, and conform to the German standard DIN 4102 B1, M2, CFM fire protection standards, has a good flame retardant performance.

Liri Tent pay more attention to the safety and quality of the tent, and good after-sales service, customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

Clear Span Outdoor Party Tents

Whether you want the sun shining through, the sparkle of the night sky or the delicate pattern of raindrops overhead, this tent will offer the protection from the elements while letting nature’s beauty peak through. The clear-top makes the tent seem light and airy and is beautiful when lit by our globe lighting.

Clear Span Event Tents Wholesale

Compared with traditional concrete hotel,hotel tent is with less investment,safe structure,easy and fast assembling and elegant appearance. Hotel tent can be set up on all kinds of ground,flexible installation and 100% space utilization.

Hotel tent is adopted hard pressed extruded aluminum structure,never-corrosive anodized surface and hardness is with international standard. Tent connectors are galvanized,applying international welding technology and rust prevention which can make sure 30 years of rust-less. PVC- coated fabric is UV-proof,water-proof,flame retardant and self-cleaning.

Full range of optional accessories are available for hotel tent,such as clear PVC window sidewall,steel anchor,weight plate,lining decoration,glass wall,glass door,ABS solid wall,transparent roof cover and sidewall,flooring system,rain gutter and so on.

Clear Span Trade Show Tents

If you want to hold a wonderful outdoor trade show, you need to take many factors into conceration, such as the weather, the place you choose, the situation of your ground.Here Liri Tent can provide you all the things,with the high quality and good reputation, our Custom Trade Show Canopy Outdoor Marquee Tent will be your best choice.

The trade show outdoor marquee tent meets all building, fire and safety codes,futher more,We also provide a full range documents, including structural drawings, packing list, installation manual and relative certificates can be provided. We provide you an one-step service and after-sales service.

Clear Span Storage Tents Warehouse

Whether you need a permanent industrial applications building or when the business grows, you need temporary warehousing, Zhuhai Liri Tent can provide you the ideal solution. Our warehouse tents for the convenience of construction enterprises short season, the venue provides a flexible distribution of flexible space, avoiding the need to increase the production of space rental, remote working and other hidden costs.

Warehouse Tent construction does not require a permanent foundation which can be built in almost any ground —- asphalt, concrete or grass, and so on. Tents in flexibility and economy is far superior to conventional steel structures, construction of buildings and do not have the required land permits trouble.Because of the basic conditions require less, cost is also low, so its maintenance is simple and inexpensive.

The most critical, Liri warehouse tents modular architecture design, integrated storage tents provide a good foundation, can according to your needs for industrial applications tailored architecture.

Liri warehouse tents construction using German technology, in line with the International Building Code. Build up in accordance with operating specifications Liri storage tents construction, can withstand at least 80KM / h wind.Structure can choose from 3 meters to 60 meters of any span length Infinity. Tents without any load-bearing pillars inside.

Clear Span Two Story Tents

Double Decker Tent Two Storey Structure provide you much more space to contain people in one same place, and give you a more vast field of vision.
Liri-tent high quality Arcum Double Decker based on our arcum tent structure is a new design conformed with the structure principle of Double Decker.This Arcum Double Decker Tent (Model:ADDS) is also made from a modular system like traditional clear span structure. The length can be extended by 5m bay section without a limit and it is the same as the normal structures. ADDS Arcum shape model clear span which can be from 15m to 30m. The main profile is 300x120x5/8mm.

What are your plans for your next event ? Imagine offering guests a range of luxury hospitality areas within one marquee, and giving them impressive views from an upper level. Now imagine buying a double-decker marquee from LIRI TENT.

That’s what our newest two-floor marquees offer (and if two floors aren’t enough, we have our Triple Deck Marquees ). And they all come backed by Liri Tent rich experience as a leading manufacturer in marquees and temporary hospitality structures in China.

With its wide range of dimensions, internal fittings and many luxury accessories, Our two-level VIP marquees offers an irresistible way to give your event extra impact:

Maximize revenue for a given marquee footprint
Save space for the site
Impress guests and visitors
Give your guests a great view from the upper level of our 2-tier marquees
With modern multi-story structures, we’re talking about much more than just a giant ‘2-storey tent’. Whenever you need luxurious, versatile hospitality for visitors and guests, the newest double-decker structures make it easy to add an extra level to your event presence is easy.

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