Trust that many people have seen transparent buildings, but have you ever experienced the Clear Roof Marquee? This Marquee can be as a party marquee or event marquee for outdoor parties, weddings or even offices. No matter where it is used, the Clear Roof Marquee can give you a different feeling, bringing the experience a full range of unobstructed visual feelings as if you are in the natural environment.

Clear Roof Marquee is made of aluminum alloy material as a frame, which is safe and stable, and the appearance is arranged with PVC transparent tarpaulin, can make the tent overall light and dreamy, giving customers a richer and more delicate space experience. In order to give customers more freedom to choose the size, the Marquee can be selected from span width 3-60 meters, the length can be modularly extended. At the same time, the Marquee has flexible features which buildings are not limited by terrain and can complete large-scale disassemble and construction in a short time, totally meeting the needs of different places, and can solve the situation where customers are eager to use the place.

The Clear Roof Marquee design not only maximizes the sense of space but also creates a different atmosphere with various accessories and decorations such as wooden floors, carpets, air conditioners, curtains, glass walls and lighting to make the event more exciting and impressive. In addition, the feature of waterproof and wind-resistant makes Clear Roof Marquee reducing the impact of bad weather on outdoor activities, and let guests enjoy the fun of the event.

While an excellent Clear Roof Marquee is not limited to just one shape, should be a variety of styles such as A-shaped roof, Curved, Multi-sides, Polygon or even Geodesic dome tent and so on. Liri has a wealth of experience in the manufacture of Clear Roof Marquee. If you have demand, we can provide you with a professional and customized solution. For details, please contact Liri Tent.

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Clear Roof Marquee Series Specifications

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